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A Page, a Paragraph, a Sentence


1 min


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A brief exercise for startup founders and product leaders to get to the core of their product in a short and concise way.

Sometimes it’s hard to really grasp what your product is all about. To help you get a grip on it's main idea take a piece of paper, a pen and maybe an hour of your time.

Start with a page

Write down all the important things about your brilliant product. Limit yourself to one page.

Condense it down to a paragraph

This forces you to filter out some of the details and outline the most important parts.

Once you got your paragraph ready, try it out as an elevator pitch in meetings and meetups, and see how it works.

End with a sentence

To really sharpen your value proposition, boil your paragraph down to a single sentence. And no, we do not mean a Immanuel Kant-like sentence that stretches across a whole page. For this you have to boil it down to it’s essence. What is the one problem your product solves, what is the one main feature that helps your user achieve a certain outcome?

This is not only a exercise in focus. There are the situations where you will want to have a short, catchy, well-polished sentence handy. This exercise will force you to shorten your usual story and express your product’s main idea in one short, catchy, scannable sentence.

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