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Effort-Impact Matrix


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Good prioritization doesn’t have to be complex. Sometimes it just requires balancing quick fixes vs. product (r)evolutions.

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This one doesn’t require much explanation.

  1. Draw a matrix like the one above 👆

  2. With your team, evaluate the potential impact and effort for each feature and map them accordingly on the chart

  3. Start working on the low-hanging fruits — quick wins — and work yourself forward to the top right part — these are product (r)evolutions some of which might have disrupting potential. Ignore everything in the lower half.

Further ideas

  • don’t forget to account for uncertainty. When evaluating effort (but also impact), make sure to ask yourself: Do we have data to back up this estimation? Otherwise you are just relying on a gut feeling.

  • if you do this, consider using the RICE method, which is not a far stretch from this method.

  • use an online tool (such as Miro or Mural) to help you with this.

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